Project to identify sites for halal livestock.

According to informed security sources, a committee formed by the Ministry of Interior, the Environment Public Authority, the Kuwait Municipality, and the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources has been preparing a project to identify the sites designated for owners of “halal” livestock (camels and sheep) in the north and south regions of the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

They said, “The project aims to allocate sites for halal livestock owners and take into account the large number of camels and sheep to confine them to those sites that suit their presence in order to prevent overgrazing and to preserve the desert environment from waste produced by those livestock.

The current situation, especially since what the halal owners are doing can be considered as destruction of the Kuwaiti desert through grazing and the lack of interest in plants and herbs, has contributed to the exposure of the Kuwaiti desert to a large amount of damage.”

The sources indicated that this project is a step in the right direction for halal owners by placing their livestock in suitable locations, containing them, and preventing them from being stolen or from going onto highways, which can cause serious accidents.

They added that the presence of halal owners in a particular geographical location and area preserves their livestock and organizes the grazing process properly, and at the same time grants them some privileges that can contribute to enhancing food security in Kuwait.

The sources revealed that, “The project will see the light soon after it is submitted to the Council of Ministers to approve the specific sites. After that, it will not allow the existence of any kind of “halal” livestock outside these sites”

This comes at a time when the Saudi authorities, a few days ago, had granted a deadline of seven months for the owners and herders of camels and livestock owned by non-Saudis to return their livestock to their countries, according to a statement by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia carried by the Saudi Press Agency.

The ministry, after the expiry of the deadline at the end of August this year, will begin implementing a number of measures against owners and herders who did not commit to the return of their livestock and camels, such as canceling all entry permits, canceling the calculation of the reproduction rate, and applying the mechanism for exporting live camels and livestock.

The ministry called on owners and herdsmen of camels and livestock owned by non-Saudis to take advantage of the deadline set for the return of their livestock and camels before the deadline expires, by registering on the “Namaa” electronic platform.

Source- Arab Times.

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