Repercussions of cheating in exams continue.

The repercussions of cheating in high school exams still cast a shadow over the Ministry of Education, revealing an illogical defect in these exams. It was observed that there were students who obtained “full marks” in the continuous performance assessments, and only seven points in the written test out of 52, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to an educational source, the recurrence of such cases prompted the students’ families to register grievances with the high school examination control department, and all of them were received but without response. Mistakes in monitoring grades were repeated during the past year for more than one case, without allowing the students to see their answer sheets.

The source indicated that the continuous performance assessment is divided between participation, interaction and short tests.

He said, “If the student obtains a full mark without merit, this means that there is a defect in the evaluation mechanism within the classroom. If he deserves it with 7 points in the first semester test, this indicates a defect in the correction mechanism and grading process”.

The source added, “Cheating has complicated matters, and the owners of the headphones have the lion’s share of the grades in the past tests.”

Source- Arab Times.

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