Stray dogs targeted.

Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Abdulaziz Al-Moajil revealed that The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources (PAAAFR) had received more than 5,000 reports and complaints about stray dogs during the past 5 years, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Moajil said, in response to a question by MP Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi – a copy of which has been obtained by the daily – said the authority for three months, starting from Nov 29, 2022, had devised a plan to combat the phenomenon of stray animals temporarily until the money was provided for the tender, which PAAAFR had requested on more than one occasion.

He pointed out the phenomenon of stray dogs in the State of Kuwait in remote places, such as farms and open and industrial areas can be termed widespread and endless. He stated that there is a vision to put stray dogs in a shelter after they are caught, castrated, vaccinated against rabies, veterinary care given and hand them over to volunteer agencies and animal rights associations.

Source- Arab Times.

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