‘No vote, poll for jailbirds’.

MPs Thamer Al-Suwait, Khalid Al-Otaibi, Khalid Al-Amar, Hamad Al- Obaid and Muhammad Al-Mahan have submitted a bill on amending Article Two of National Assembly Election Law number 35/1962 to read as follows: “Whoever is sentenced to three years imprisonment as per the final court verdict and those convicted of crimes against honesty and trust are prohibited from voting or standing for elections unless they are rehabilitated. Crimes against honesty and trust include theft, issuance of dud a cheque, fraud, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, adultery, embezzlement of public funds, forgery, identity theft, drugs, liquor, bribery, false testimony, spying, targeting State security, communication with the enemies, immorality incitement, protests, gambling and commercial cheating.” Meanwhile, the parliamentary Public Facilities Committee on Tuesday discussed the deterioration of public services in South and West Abdullah Mubarak.

Committee Member MP Muhammad Al-Mahan enumerated the results of the meeting as follows:

■ The committee decided to coordinate with all the concerned institutions prior to road pavement works.

■ The Ministry of Interior representatives affirmed that security is maintained in accident-prone areas.

■ The Ministry of Education representatives confirmed receiving 15 schools from the Public Authority for Housing Welfare; indicating five of these schools are operating now, while the remaining 10 will open in the next academic year.

■ The Ministry of Health representatives confirmed the opening of two clinics in West Abdullah Mubarak and the third clinic will be handed over to the ministry in September 2023. There is only one clinic in Abdullah Mubarak City, so the Kuwait Municipality and Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) are coordinating their efforts to allocate a lot for the establishment of the second clinic.

■ The Ministry of Public Works representatives informed the committee that the ministry is an executive institution that implements projects according to the decisions of Kuwait Municipality, in coordination with the General Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior in terms of the entrances and exits in Abdullah Mubarak.

■ Establishment of additional citizen service centers in the southern part of the country, while two such centers in Sabah Al-Ahmad Residential City will open next month. On the other hand, the Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs Committee has approved the proposal to allow a maximum of three children each for the expatriate Imams and Muezzins employed by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to enroll in public schools.

Moreover, MP Khalid Al-Otaibi asked Minister of Interior and Defense Sheikh Talal Khalid Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah if the Iraqis or Iranians attacked or infiltrated Kuwaiti marine borders in recent years. If yes, action taken against them; if Iraqi boats entered Kuwaiti marine borders in February 2023, action taken if the response is in the affirmative and if there have been clashes.

On the formation of international alliance to protect the Arabian Gulf, including the oil and gas exports; he wants to know if the Kuwait Naval Force is part of this alliance, commitments of Kuwait towards such alliance and fruits of the alliance; and if the country is ready for any attack, including piracy. In addition, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Muhammad Al-Mutair recently met with former US Ambassador to Kuwait Edward Gnehm ; during which they discussed various issues.

Source- Arab Times.

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