Car rental company heavily fined.

The Ministry of Social Affairs, represented by the Contracts Committee, imposed a fine of nearly 180,000 dinars on a company that won the tender for a car rental contract with a driver for the departments of all the ministry’s sectors, especially the social care and guest services sector, reports Al-Jarida daily. The company did not abide by the contract and failed to provide a sufficient number of drivers and cars agreed upon in the contract.

According to sources from the ministry, the company’s continued breach the terms of the contract causes direct harm to some sectors, which use these cars to accomplish the tasks assigned to them, and negatively affects the services they provide, especially within care departments such as the elderly, family custody and juveniles.

The sources stress that this may prompt the Ministry to take legal measures that preserve their rights and may reach the termination of the contract, adding that the amounts of fines are likely to increase if the company continues to violate the terms of the contract and does not provide the required drivers and cars.

Source- Arab Times.

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