KOC plans to bring ‘foreign expertise’.

The Kuwait Oil Company said it plans to bring in skilled technical workers from several countries including Canada, the United States, Egypt, Southeast Asia and the Gulf states – technicians who are experts in drilling operations, maintenance, exploration and production, and medical and health, safety, environment and engineering, in addition to other jobs expected to be requested by the company later, reports Al- Anba daily. Senior oil sources revealed this comes within the scope of the KOC to prepare the resumes of engineers and technicians, to fill the vacant positions that Kuwait will need in future.

The sources quoting KOC sources said the hiring will be strict in the sense only those who have the experience of between 15 and 20 years in their respective jobs will be considered and that they will be interviewed and selected before they set foot on the Kuwaiti soil. The daily also said the foreign employment will not include administrative staff.

Source- Arab Times.

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