34 schools closed for demolition.

Despite the groaning of many schools in various educational districts about the large number of students, 34 schools are still closed and are listed on the Ministry of Education’s demolition plan, which is overdue for years while waiting for the decision to rehabilitate them.

A statistic prepared by the Ministry of Education revealed the names of schools closed for demolition in all governorates. Among them are the Zenobia Kindergarten, Al-Amal, Al-Farazdaq Intermediate School for Boys, Latifa Al-Fares Secondary School for Girls, Musab bin Omair Intermediate School for Boys, and the Ahmadi High School Building.

According to educational sources, the educational zones are in dire need of these schools to redistribute students in order to reduce the density rates. Some schools currently have more than 33 students per class, and the ministerial decision does not allow more than 25 students in a class. The building reports of most of the closed schools showed that they are not safe. They are under construction, but the matter depends on the availability of the necessary budgets. The educational zones send reports to the Public Services Department about any accident that occurs in these schools.

Source- Arab Times.

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