Residents of Mishref Block 5 upset over removal of trees.

The scene of uprooting trees and plants in order to expand roads and create an exit road to ease traffic congestion caused pain for the people of Mishref Block 5, similar to the way the residents of Adailiya and Surra areas felt recently, reports Al-Rai daily. They had no choice but to watch the removal of Sidr trees, willows, noir flowers, grasses, and others that they are used to seeing in the area since decades from their childhood. This step is being taken to widen a roundabout in Block 5, and create an exit before it to reduce traffic congestion in that area.

Trees being cut in Block 5 at Mishref.

The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) also granted approval to the Mishref Cooperative Society to remove trees that impede the establishment of car parks for its customers. In this regard, the Deputy Director General of the Aesthetic Agriculture Sector in PAAAFR Ghanim Al-Sanad said, “The sector granted work orders to a contractor to redevelop one of the important roundabouts in Mishref Block 5, with the establishment of an exit road on the highway before the roundabout in order to reduce traffic congestion.

This step was taken based on the request of the residents of the area and after obtaining the approval of the concerned authorities. As part of PAAAFR’s cooperation with the private sector in developing and beautifying streets, it granted approval to the Mishref Cooperative Society to use one of the yards as car parks for its clients based on an agreement that, for every tree that is removed from the site, 100 alternative trees will be planted in return, and these are to be planted within the scope of Mishref area so that the area is not deprived of its trees.

This is according to the law.” Regarding the reason for not moving the location of the trees like the way it is done in European and other countries instead of removing them, Al-Sanad said, “Trees and plants in Europe have superficial roots, and therefore they can be dug, moved and planted anywhere, due to the availability of water in their lands and their suitability for cultivation.

This cannot happen on the sandy land of Kuwait, which makes some trees extend their roots to more than 30 meters in search of water in the ground. Cutting those roots and planting trees in another place that lacks water will certainly lead to the tree drying out. This is a waste of effort, time and public money.” Al-Sanad reassured the residents of the areas that the authority is proceeding with a plan towards developing cosmetic crops in the country, and that any tree or palm tree that is removed is for the public interest and its place is replaced according to the law.

Source- Arab Times.

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