‘Reviewing healthcare system for expats in Kuwait vital’.

The Kuwaiti Association of the Basic Evaluators for Human Rights (KABEHR) has underscored the importance of reviewing the healthcare system for expatriates, including the provision of medicines; reports Al- Anba daily. The association released a press statement after several doctors criticized recent decisions regarding the medical fees for expatriates, indicating these decisions were taken without considering the salaries of expatriate workers and the fact that they pay for health insurance annually.

Many expatriates no longer visit clinics and hospitals or undergo necessary tests due to the inability to pay for the medical fees, the association added. KABEHR pointed out that health care is one of the basic human rights. If there are administrative obstacles like the inappropriate distribution of medicines or lopsided demographic structure; the solution should not be at the expense of the weaker party, including families burdened with financial obligations due to global inflation and high prices, it asserted.

The association called for the immediate opening of health insurance hospitals, and for the Secretariat General of Awqaf to support the healthcare system by covering part of the expatriates’ treatment costs including X-ray, tests or medicines; clarifying that Awqaf in Islam is a civilized system which provides humanitarian services. If not studied thoroughly, such decisions will negatively affect the international human rights record of the country at a time that the State and civil society organizations are keen on improving the image of Kuwait by highlighting its civilizational and humanitarian roles, the association concluded.

Source- Arab Times.

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