Work visa suspension for Egyptians continues.

Relevant government agencies, with the cooperation of a number of public benefit associations led by the Kuwait Society of Engineers, revealed that they will work on more procedures for recruiting specialized workers from abroad, especially from Egypt and India, reports Al-Qabas daily. However, an official source in the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) revealed that the suspension of issuance of work permits for Egyptian workers will continue until further notice, based on the instructions of the Minister of Interior.

He said, “Any talk about opening recruitment to companies from Egypt is incorrect, as the closure is still ongoing until work permit procedures are organized and the process of selling residencies through Egyptian employment agencies is regulated.” The source stated that, “The recruitment of specialized labor, especially engineers, from India is regulated by the agreed processes followed by the Kuwait Society of Engineers, based on the agreements related to the accreditation of universities there. A delegation from Kuwait had requested to visit India to see some universities and their teaching policy. Also, another delegation will go to Egypt soon for this purpose, in which educational and technical bodies will participate.

“The issue of issuing entry visas for workers of other nationalities is based on the assessment of the companies’ need for employment, in addition to the continued flow of domestic workers from several countries.” As for the issuance of commercial visas, the source said their issuance is carried out in accordance with controls by the Ministry of Interior. He added that converting a commercial visa into a work permit is incorrect, because this type of visa is for companies only in order to facilitate them to bring in some of their delegations or persons with specialization for temporary purposes. Its validity period is one month, and it can be extended for another month if needed.

Source- Arab Times.

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