Committee for protection from domestic violence to be formed.

‘Panel’s chairman, members should be from 7 govt agencies’

Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development, Minister of State for Women and Childhood Affairs and President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs Mai Al-Baghli recently issued ministerial resolution number 4 of 2023 on the formation of the National Committee for Protection from Domestic Violence for a period of one year, reports Al- Jarida daily. The daily obtained a copy of the resolution, stating that the committee chairman and members should be from the seven concerned government agencies — ministries of Interior, Justice, Social Affairs, Education, Health and Information, as well as the Supreme Council for Family Affairs; in addition to two civil society representatives.

The committee’s tasks are as follows:

■ Lay down a general policy for the protection of the family;

■ Strengthen family ties;

■ Address all aspects of domestic violence;

■ Approve executive plans and monitor their implementation;

■ Review the relevant national legislation;

■ Submit proposals and recommendations to amend or cancel provisions that contradict Protection from Domestic Violence Law number 16/2020;

■ Coordinate with public institutions and civil society organizations concerned with domestic violence;

■ Conduct training programs for all concerned employees and those in charge of implementing the law;

■ Prepare public awareness and educational programs on domestic violence, particularly the ways to expose domestic violence crimes, protect victims and inform them about their rights;

■ Present an annual report on violence, including complaints received by the concerned departments and authorities and action taken in this regard

The committee should select a deputy chairman as soon as possible, while meetings should be called by the chairman or his deputy. It will take decisions based on the vote of the absolute majority of attendees. It may ask for the assistance of whomever it deems appropriate among the experts to carry out its tasks, but they are not allowed to vote. It will specify the annual reward for its members in coordination with the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Meanwhile, sources revealed that Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs Dr Maryam Al- Azmi has submitted a proposal to form a child protection team to the minster. Sources said this is to activate Article 77 of Child Rights Law No. 21/2015, indicating the article has not been implemented since the issuance of the decree on the recognition of the council.

Sources explained the current practice is that the Child Protection Office in the Ministry of Health caters to children who are victims of violence, while the council follows up their cases and supervises them. Sources disclosed the proposed team’s tasks include receiving reports about children in danger – whether the report is submitted by the victim himself, his caregiver, one of his parents or one of the professionals whose work is related to the child. The team will be in charge of the rehabilitation of children exposed to any kind of harm and the parents who caused such harm.

Source- Arab Times.

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