People in Kuwait reluctant to buy truffles as ‘favorite types’ not available.

Amidst a modest presence of citizens and relative calm, the truffle market in Al-Rai area witnessed small quantities on sale of Saudi and Iraqi truffles, amid the absence of other types, especially Kuwaiti and African such as Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian, in addition to Iranian, which contributed to the rise in prices, reports Al-Qabas daily. During a tour of the truffle market said the prices varied due to the difference in the size which led to the relative reluctance of customers to buy, given that the price per kilo was close to the price of sheep sold in the livestock markets in the Capital, Jahra, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Kabd.

Truffles for sale in the market.

However, the truffles lovers preferred to wait until new quantities arrive from abroad. In one of the stalls, about 700 grams of Saudi truffles were offered for sale for 15 dinars, while the Iraqi kilo was sold for between 40 and 55 dinars, depending on the size, while the Saudi truffles was sold for 20 dinars a kilo.

Again a kilo of Iraqi truffles ranged between 20 and 40 dinars due to the difference in size. Citizens confirmed that the prices are exaggerated due to the small quantities of truffles available in the market compared to the same period last year, pointing to the need to monitor prices by the concerned authorities, especially since the price of a kilo is close to the price of a shefali sheep or even the Australian sold in the livestock markets or the livestock company.

They added that most of the stalls do not have big truffles, as most of them are small, pointing out that customers prefer large sizes despite the high price. For their part, the sellers suggested that prices would decrease during the coming days, especially if other quantities of truffles arrive from abroad, especially from Africa or Iran, in addition to the Kuwaiti truffles that are most in demand among customers.

The sources stressed that February of each year is a time when truffles are available in plenty and attracts citizens and residents to the market. Prices are in dinars according to size and country of origin — 40 – 55 per Iraqi kilo (big size); 20 – 40 per Iraqi kilo (small size) and 15 – 20 per kilo Saudi (big size).

Source- Arab Times.

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