About 40,000 students in Kuwait found cheating in exams.

26 facilitators held as huge amounts paid for paper leakage

The ongoing investigations into the case of leaking of high school exam papers have resulted in a huge surprise. The initial information, the statements of the accused, and the records of the Ministry of Interior revealed the involvement of about 40,000 students of the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in cheating through various ways, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to informed sources, the cheating case has taken on a new legal dimension. The evidence submitted to the Public Prosecution included in-ear phones seized from students, and conversations between employees of the Ministry of Education, who facilitated the leaking of exam papers for some subjects in the secondary stages, and others who worked to administer “collective fraud groups” in exchange for money.

The defendants’ confessions revealed that they had achieved financial gains amounting to about KD 3 million as a result of “cheating groups” and secondary school exam paper leaks within two weeks. Each student who entered the “group” paid KD 60 to KD 70 in advance to those in charge of the leakage. There are other groups that got about KD 150 for one subject.

The Public Prosecution issued orders to arrest and arraign six new suspects, bringing the total number of defendants to 26, with crimes attributed to them varying between facilitating fraud and profiting from it, and money laundering by illegally obtaining sums of money. The sources stressed that the entry of millions of dinars into the balances of the test takers during this short period requires a decisive pause, as it confirms the presence of huge numbers of the new generation who have mastered cheating.

In addition, an official source in the Ministry of Education revealed continuous coordination with the Ministry of Interior, the Public Prosecution and the judicial authorities. These authorities asked the Ministry of Education to provide it with the mechanism for conducting tests which covers working in the secret printing press, and the transfer of question papers of each subject to the examination committees. The ministry revealed to the Public Prosecution all the details and provided it with the mechanism followed for setting tests, printing questions and transferring them.

The source indicated that the Ministry of Education is awaiting an official letter from the Public Prosecution and the Ministry of Interior with the names of those accused in the case of cheating and leaking high school exam papers, which is considered as a “national security” issue because it affects the future of generations.

He said the students involved in cheating and dealing with the groups will be summoned to hear their statements. Five steps to deal with this situation:

1. Coordination between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior to contain cheaters

2. A strict mechanism to prevent leakage of test questions

3. Stiffening penalties against cheaters

4. Checking the final grade holders despite their poor level

5. Educating students and parents about the seriousness of cheating and imaginary success

The sources explained that the Ministry of Education will scrutinize any student suspected of being involved in cheating and obtaining imaginary excellence. It is also considering issuing a new regulation to prevent cheating during the second semester exams. It is planning to toughen penalties to include the students involved, teachers who help cheaters, committee supervisors, or any other party in the educational process that facilitates this crime. The sources revealed that the accusation circle in the case of cheating and leaking tests has expanded significantly, indicating that it is expected that new defendants will be summoned for their involvement in leaking test questions and helping cheating students and those looking for easy success.

Source- Arab Times.

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