MP in push for increment on student allowances – No increase for 10 years’.

The parliamentary Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs Committee on Tuesday discussed the bill on granting 50 percent allowance increment to all students, including those on scholarship; says Rapporteur of the committee MP Muhammad Al- Hewaila.

MP Muhammad Al- Hewaila.

Al-Hewaila confirmed the attendance of the representatives of the Finance Ministry, Kuwait University KU and private universities; indicating the ministry’s response to the bill was lukewarm. He added the committee has completed its report on the bill, which will be referred to the National Assembly for inclusion in the agenda of the next session.

Committee Chairman MP Hamad Al-Matar argued the proposal to increase the allowance of unmarried students from KD200 to KD300 and from KD350 to KD550 for their married counterparts is acceptable, as this will help them with the rising cost of living considering the inflation rate in the country has reached 33 percent.

He pointed out that there has been no student allowance increment in the last 10 years; affirming the beneficiaries include Kuwaiti students, those whose mothers are Kuwaitis married to non-Kuwaitis and Bedoun.

Source- Arab Times.

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