Kuwait expected to face power crisis until 2027, warn experts.

MEW may have to reduce electrical loads in summer

After Kuwait experienced several crises in terms of power shortages and outages, especially what happened in 2006, experts have warned of a recurrence of the situation in addition to programmed power cuts at the height of summer, which affects people’s lives and the economy, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to statistics, the country is expected to face shortage of power supplies in the summer of 2024 and 2025, and it may extend to 2027.

Oversight reports had warned of a shortage in the supply of electric power due to the decision of the Planning Committee in the Ministry of Electricity and Water according to Ministerial Resolution No. 30/2017, which called for postponing some projects of power plants. Informed sources said that in the event of a shortage in the production of electric power, the Ministry of Electricity and Water may have to reduce electrical loads by cutting off electricity to some consumers, as happened in the 1980s, during peak times in the summer, or rather the noon times, pointing out that programmed electric supply may reach all regions equally at different periods.

Power outage
The sources pointed out that any power outage would cause huge economic losses for the citizens, the government and the private sector. Also, development projects may be delayed due to power shortages, which directly affect the government’s work program and development plan.

Regarding the Gulf interconnection project, the sources stated that it will not contribute in an integrated and safe way to providing the required electrical energy, and that the high cost of buying energy at peak time, when most Gulf countries need energy as well, in addition to that the Gulf interconnection is designed for emergencies, and has limited operational capacity.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Electricity and Water suffers from weakness in avoiding crises and long-term strategic planning to provide energy. The documentary cycle and work environment directly affect work performance and good planning. The Ministry of Electricity and Water, according to sources, is in need today of international advisors to provide technical support and the necessary expertise, which the ministry lacks in several fields, and that the termination of the services of many experienced engineers has created a great void in the technical management.

Source- Arab Times.

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