Mixed reactions on restaurant booking.

The Cabinet’s decision on the need to book appointments for dining in restaurants and cafés has drawn mixed reactions, reports Al- Anba daily. Some citizens described the decision as improper, arguing that social distancing is the best solution considering the failure of the appointment system implemented in cooperative societies earlier as manifested in the high number of coronavirus cases.

They stressed the need for the public to strictly comply with health regulations such as wearing masks, along with the commitment of restaurants to follow health procedures. They pointed out that the rate of infections in gatherings, wedding parties, diwaniyas and chalets is higher than commercial complexes and restaurants; because those visiting commercial complexes and restaurants are obligated to wear masks and abide by health regulations.

They reiterated that the booking of appointments in cooperative societies did not prevent infections. On the other hand, a number of citizens voiced support for the decision. They believe this is a step in the right direction to protect the health of citizens and expatriates, in addition to wearing masks and adhering to health regulations.

Source- Arab Times.

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