MP Ahmed Al-Fadl strongly criticized the recent decisions issued by the Cabinet regarding coronavirus. “The government burned the last card and lost whatever remains of the citizens’ trust through the issuance of such funny and strange decisions,” he stressed.

MP Ahmed Al-Fadhl

He wondered how the government could ask citizens to book an appointment to go to a restaurant or a coffee shop, inquiring about the reason behind such exaggeration and making citizens panic at this particular time.

He argued the number of coronavirus infections and those confined in hospitals remains stable, indicating this raises more questions on the aim of the government in pushing the society into the dark tunnel.

He added the number of deaths as of July 2020 is lower than in previous years according to a statistics conducted by his office, affirming his office is currently updating this statistical report.

He said the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends wearing mask only for patients, their visitors, healthcare providers and those showing coronavirus symptoms. He called for reopening of the airport and allowing citizens to leave this country that the government has turned into hell.

Source- Arab Times.

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