Contribution of Bangladeshis in nation building of Kuwait.

This faded black and white picture is of the beach of Kuwait in 1992. By 2020, the far side of the picture must have been replaced by the modern day Kuwait.

This 1992 black and white photo shows the beach of Kuwait

However, the point of attraction is not the far side but the near side of the picture. Discovered from the archive of Daily Arab Times (thanks to Mr Jarrallah), this picture showcases a group of Bangladeshi soldiers searching for mines on the beach of Kuwait.

Reportedly this beach was cleared before but the Bangladeshi mine sweepers were called upon to sweep once again. As it happened in number of occasions then, the Bangladeshi mine sweepers later found a few explosives in the same beach.

They were not the best equipped mine sweepers of the time. They relied on simple mine detectors and their skill in manual search, which certainly puts the sweepers in a higher degree of risk. How well they performed?

A Bangladeshi engineer shared his experience on this. He used to serve in an important Kuwaiti Government Office prior to the Iraqi invasion. He made a daring attempt to infiltrate into the server room while the office was secured by Iraqis.

His attempt saved valuable database of the office. However, few days after, he was called by the Iraqis occupying that office. Sensing possible danger, he left Kuwait and moved to Bangladesh taking an arduous road journey through Iran, Pakistan and India.

This engineer returned to Kuwait after the liberation. As he landed in Kuwait Airport, a Kuwaiti embraced him as soon he gave his Bangladeshi identity. The Kuwaiti said to him that the Bangladeshi military was doing a splendid job. This beach is still here. Many Kuwaitis of this generation must have walked over this beach, many will do in future. What message this picture speaks out to them in silence? Perhaps the message is ‘A FRIEND IS TESTED IN THE TIME OF NEED’.

Source- Arab Times.