Health situation is getting dangerous… chances of reverting back.

With 7 deaths in one day and 34 in a week has put forward many options for health authorities in the country. The higher authority in government sources has described the health situation in the country as dangerous due to negligence in health requirements. On 10th Oct meeting will be held with Minister of Health Dr. Basil Al Sabah to discuss the measures to confront the situation and present it before the Cabinet Ministers in an extraordinary meeting to take appropriate decisions that will be held on Monday or next Thursday.

According to the source option for total ban is possible and will be presented but it is not the first option currently as it does not produce 100% results. Some countries have already implemented total bans again after being lifted.

The sources criticized Kuwait citizens for neglecting and violating health requirements as they travel abroad unnecessarily, leave the houses unnecessarily, do not adhere to social distancing and neither wear masks which has led to an increase in the number of deaths and infections which has put pressure on ICU.

Sources further said that next month will be more dangerous as the number of infections and second wave or corona will occur as warned by WHO which needs to be taken seriously before it is too late reports Al Qabas.

Two week (14 days) home quarantine for those returning to Kuwait will not change as it depends on global development of the pandemic. The quarantine period of 14 days is strictly followed hence any violation is monitored on the app GPS location.

Currently in the list of 34 countries there has been no increase or decrease in for banned countries to enter Kuwait directly, but as per the global pandemic situation it will change.

The Ministry of Health is waiting for a response from the judiciary for those who do not commit to wear face masks as it is important in the coming days.

Source- Arab Times.

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