Sale of mobile phones down by 20%; Shortage of laptops.

The CEO of Future Communications Company Salah Al-Awadi has said the sale of mobile phones declined by 20 percent compared to last August, as most customers who wanted to buy and replace their phones took the necessary step immediately after the market opened, reports Al-Anba daily. In this context, all telecom companies and distributors in Kuwait are waiting for the launch of “iPhone 12” phone, which has been delayed by Apple – with the aim of reviving the market to increase sales, indicating the sale of laptops, Tabs, iPad, and all distance education gadgets increased by nearly 400 percent in September compared to the previous year

In a statement to the daily, Al-Awadi pointed to a significant shortage of laptops in the local market due to the shortage in Dubai, which is the main distributor for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, adding the trade war between America and China has affected the technology sector, in view of the economic blockade imposed on China by the United States- especially in the delivery of micro chips used in most devices, including laptops and phones.

This has begun yielding effects with the scarcity of laptops for regional distributors around the world. On the latest projects of the company, Al-Awadi pointed out that it is going to focus on the electronic market in the coming period by developing its existing electronic platforms and call center. He also said the company is also trying to find outlets for sale through the platforms with continuous marketing aimed at increasing sales.

Source- Arab Times.

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