KSQE: Students in Kuwait passed without the need to study and take test.

The Kuwait Society for Quality Education (KSQE) highlighted the series of failure of the Ministry of Education during this stage, which led to the success of students in all stages in passing without the need to study and take tests, reports Al-Qabas daily.

It described such a move by the ministry as nothing but a moral fall and a heinous crime against the right of values, educational ethics and quality of education, by the ministry’s officials due to their failures, technical shortcomings and administrative corruption.

In a statement issued recently, the Kuwait Society for Quality Education explained that it considers the success of those who failed as a stain in Kuwait’s educational and academic history through the implementation of a practice that negates justice and is not legally permissible. It was in violation of what Allah said in His Holy Book, “Allah commands you to justice”, as well as the Constitution that provides for justice and equality.

A cause for waste

KSQE insisted the Cabinet should be aware of the fact that the distorted high school results will be a scourge on the State Treasury, and a reason for wastage of public funds due to the entry of large numbers of repeaters into the university market and the application for scholarships with high success rates.

It revealed a simple and shocking comparison as per which it is impossible for the pass percentage to jump within one year in the science section from 70.38 percent in the 2018/2019 academic year to 99.7 percent in the 2019/2020 academic year, or from 63.47 percent to 97.89 percent in the arts section during the same period.

KSQE stressed that this will increase pressure on Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) to accept large numbers of students, even though they are already filled with a huge number of students that do not commensurate with the size of the academics.

It explained that this will lead to decline in the quality of education and academic outputs with higher rates of failure for scholarship students. It will consequently lead to the state incurring losses exceeding what it incurred in the previous years in terms of amounts higher than KD 200 million due to the failure of scholarship students to study English in five years according to official statistics. This will cast a shadow on the accumulated deficit in the country’s budget.

Clear injustice

The society stressed that this injustice, represented in a heinous crime against the quality of education, did not make a difference between the outstanding students in the private and public sectors and the students who failed but managed to pass.

It called for a “national test” to be prepared according to a unified standard to limit the competition of students for scholarships, so that failure does not violate the rights of outstanding students. This test should be a major condition for students’ admission to Kuwait University or the PAAET, or for them to obtain an internal or external scholarship. This is especially since the aptitude tests in private universities do not reflect the true reality of the student’s educational attainment capabilities, with the need to raise the success rate in the IELTS test to band 6 and TOEFL 550 as a condition for admission, and probably even go further in applying national professional tests after graduation from local and foreign universities.

The results are scandalous

KSQE concluded that the scandal of the high school results will have grave consequences on the future of the young generations.

The expected failure in the university after years of schooling will waste years of youth’s lives because they fall victim to unreal ambition as a result of obtaining degrees they did not deserve. This is the result of corrupt officials’ decisions to cover their failure in managing the educational process, starting with the minister who initially failed to stop education, then choosing a poor “educational platform” before switching in lost time to the Microsoft platform, passing through the decision to ensure all the students from classes one to 11, as well as the 12th standard students can pass without exams.

“This makes us, as observers, demand the formation of a committee to investigate the failures of the minister, the undersecretary, the assistant undersecretary for Public Education and other responsible leaders, in preparation for their dismissal and to hold them accountable for the collapse of the entire educational system in Kuwait”, the society added.

Source- Arab Times.

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