MOH: Second wave of corona possible anytime.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad stated that it is important to sense social responsibility in determining the direction of the epidemiological situation, warning of some manifestations of non-compliance and its repercussions.

Dr. Al-Sanad said that the intensive care and special wards in Covid-19 are witnessing an increase in patients about 8% compared to last month, while there has been an increase in special intensive care beds about 11%, in all public and field hospitals of the Ministry of Health.

Al-Sanad indicated that confronting the Coronavirus epidemic is a responsibility of all individuals and institutions, as controlling the pandemic situation is achieved with joint cooperation between members of society and its institutions. It is important to reduce pressure on the health system, which the country has been facing around the clock for about 8 months.

Dr. Al-Sanad stated that some countries of the world have reimposed strict measures to reduce the cases, which we do not wish to happen locally, as the biggest bet in facing this pandemic is related to the individual’s awareness and sense of his responsibility in society, his protection for himself and for those around him.

He further stated that gradual opening up was an option to coexist with the virus; this does not mean that the coronavirus has ended unless there is a successful treatment or vaccine. The second wave is possible anytime when preventive measures are not adhered too.

Source- Arab Times.

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