2,848 students admitted into MoH scholarship program for 2020/’21.

‘Admission number higher this year’

Official spokesman of the Higher Education Ministry and Assistant Undersecretary for Scholarships, Accreditation and Cultural Relations Fatima Al-Senan has confirmed the admission of 2,848 students into the ministry’s scholarship program for academic year 2020/2021, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Senan pointed out the number of admitted students this year is higher than last year’s 1,977; disclosing the students who were admitted this year include 2,256 graduates from government secondary schools – 881 higher than last year and 592 students who graduated from private secondary schools in and outside the country – a decrease of 10 compared to last year.

She explained the high percentage of students who applied for scholarship this year led to an increase in the number of students admitted into the program. She said the rate of medical specialties decreased despite the increase in the number of medical seats by more than 12 percent for the current year. She attributed this to the reluctance of many students to study outside the country because of the pandemic.

She advised the admitted students to honor the dates that the ministry will send to each of them for completion of procedures to accredit the scholarship, as they will be received only on the dates specified for them. She stressed as well the need to adhere to the immigration laws in the countries where the students will study, as well as the scholarship and accreditation regulations of the ministry to ease their academic journey throughout the scholarship period.

Source- Arab Times.

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