105 Indian port workers not been paid salary since June.

105 Indians, of which 99 from Tamil Nadu state of India working at Shuaiba port have filed a petition with Indian Embassy to intervene as they have not been paid since June. The Ambassador of India to the country H.E. Sibi George confirmed to Al Rai that the Indian embassy provides all necessary services to its citizens in Kuwait, and is always working with the Kuwaiti authorities to try to solve any problem that Indian community in Kuwait may encounter.

The workers have not been able to buy basic necessities nor pay rent, besides this their residence are expiring between the month of October and December. The charity and social workers have been providing them with food. Fear of eviction from homes due to non payment of rent has been playing in their minds as the landlord has disconnected the elevator and water supply from their apartments.

The Indian Embassy has intervened and has been discussing with the company to sort out the issues which have been impacted due to the Corona crisis in the country.

Many Indians have been waiting for repatriation for several months, since their indemnity and other dues have not been settled, their plans to go back to their home country have been put on hold.

Source- Arab Times.