No fines for expat children born in Kuwait below 1 yr of age.

In an exceptional humanitarian step, the Residency Affairs departments in the six governorates received new instructions to amend the status of expats children who are below 1 yr and born in Kuwait, who violated residency law which during the corona crisis could not complete the procedures.

Expats children who were born in Kuwait from the date of November 2, 2019 onwards, be referred to the General Directorate of Investigations, with the aim of creating a database for them in accordance with Article 6 of the residency law, after which their status will be modified by granting them residence linked to father without paying fines for the period of violation.
The sources said that the decision does not include children who were born before November 2, 2019, because there was enough time period available to their families to finish their procedures and obtain residence for them which was before the start of the Corona crisis, which caused government ministries to shut down for a long period.

The sources pointed out that children who are not covered by the decision, their sponsor should amend the status of the newborn and pay the fines owed by them to grant them valid residency in the country.

Source- Arab Times.

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