Health rules ignored during funeral services.

Cemeteries open for visits, burial

Despite health warnings on the need to adhere to health requirements during the funeral services or offering condolences, many do not comply with this in most cases, reports Al-Rai daily. The pictures circulating daily inside the Sulaibikhat cemetery is the testimony that many do not comply with the health requirements. Large numbers of people are seen not abiding by the social distancing rule and to add insult to injury a majority of the people are seen without face masks, while the most dangerous is the ‘Khashm beads’, while offering condolences, which may be the easiest and fastest way to transmit the coronavirus among the mourners, and carrying the virus all the way to their respective families.

Picture shows lack of respect for physical distancing inside a cemetery

Director of Funeral Affairs Department at the Kuwait Municipality, Dr. Faisal Al- Awadhi, affirmed the funeral halls in cemeteries are not open to receive condolences. He explained these halls are meant for ‘waiting’ only especially since chairs and benches are removed from these halls. Al-Awadhi told the daily the cemeteries are fully open for visits and burial, and the numbers allowed to enter are not specified, and indicated “some receive condolences only during the burial.”

In the same context, health sources warned against gatherings at social events of all kinds, including condolences, confirming that there is no change in the prohibition of social or family gatherings. Sources explained that family events and gatherings are among the activities included in the fifth phase of the gradual return to normal life, which has yet be activated.

Source- Arab Times.

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