House maids salary shoots up to KD 400 in black market.

The head of Domestic Workers Recruitment Office Union Khaled Al Dakhnan stated that since visas are not opened for domestic workers the monthly salary of a domestic worker on black market has reached to KD 400. The only solution to this is to open visas for domestic workers adhering to health conditions.

He said “Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have resumed receiving domestic workers from the Philippines, and Qatar will follow their example next week. Longer the doors are shut it will harm Kuwaiti citizens.”

He further stated to Al Rai TV that “We have addressed all the official authorities but so far we have not received response, although Kuwaitis are in dire need to open visas for domestic workers, because 40 percent current employment contracts have expired and want them to return but Kuwaitis have no alternative. Even if the visas will be opened we will face problems in issuing visas as most of the domestic workers have gone to other countries as they opened the doors before us”.

Source- Arab Times.

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