Rise in patients at Abdally Health Center, not for corona infection.

The number of people visiting Abdally Health Center during the corona pandemic increased remarkably, compared to the rates recorded before the spread of the virus, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources from the Ministry of Health.

Sources disclosed most of the visitors are suffering from other diseases, not corona.  Sources clarified those infected with the virus are referred to the temporary health centers in Naeem and Naseem in Jahra Governorate.

Sources said the conditions brought about by the pandemic — particularly during the total and partial curfew, isolation and quarantine period — prompted citizens and their families to throng to the farms in Abdalli; in addition to the headquarters of companies in the area which contributed to the rise in the number of people visiting the health center.

Sources added the number of people visiting the health center before the corona crisis ranged from 50 to 70 per day, indicating the number increased remarkably in the last few months — 210 daily.  Sources affirmed the health center operates 24 hours and six doctors are assigned there to ensure optimal handling of infections or illnesses.

Asked about the new Abdally Health Center project, sources clarified the corona crisis has hindered its implementation according to the previous plans and vision of the Health Ministry.  Sources said the new health center will serve those residing in Abdally farms, land caretakers, northern regions and highways, such that the existing center will serve those in the chalets area.  Sources also unveiled a plan to expand the existing center.

Source- Arab Times.

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