MEW hires 1,281 new staff, completes 3 projects in ’19.

95.2% Kuwaitis working in ministry

A report issued by the Ministry of Electricity and Water shows 1,281 new employees were hired by the ministry in 2019, taking the total number of employees to 22,788 including engineers, technician, administrators and workers – an increase of six percent compared to 2018, reports Al-Rai daily. The report says the percentage of Kuwaitis working in the ministry is 95.2 percent, with a total of 21,693 employees, while the number of non-Kuwaiti employees is 1,095. The percentage of national employees was 94.1 in 2017, and has increased to 95.2 percent during 2019.

The report indicated, the total number of engineers working in the ministry in various disciplines is 5,194, explaining that the ministry considers human resources management represented in the workforce, especially in large organizational units, as one of the most important functions of the administration, as it is based on the human element, which is the most valuable investment resource of any institution or a ministry and the most infl uential in its productivity at all levels, despite the technological development that the contemporary world is witnessing.

The report indicated 3 projects related to water installations were completed during 2019 – the construction, completion and maintenance of a fresh water filling station in Sulaibiya and the attached works, and the project consists of establishing a water tanker filling station complete with 20 outlets and an extension building (administrative buildings, security guards rooms, a mosque and two cantons).

The second project is the construction, completion and maintenance of a fresh water filling station in Abdali, which consists of constructing a water pumping station containing (16 estuaries, buildings, an administrative library, security guards’ rooms, a mosque and two cantons), and the third project includes the works of connecting and implementing a fresh water line, to feed a project in the Sabah Al-Salem University City.

Source- Arab Times.

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