Investigate expat woman working in Hawally Municipality.

Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Walid Al- Jassem has requested the Director of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to take the necessary legal action and refer the complaint filed by employees of the Violation Removal Department in the Hawalli Governorate to the Legal Department concerning an expatriate in Hawalli Governorate Municipality branch who reviews all documents without legal basis during official working hours.

In a letter, Al-Jassem urged Al-Manfouhi to review all papers and documents related to the department’s activities and indicate the legality of the woman’s presence at one of the municipality’s departments during official working hours, nature of the work entrusted to her and the legal basis for assigning any work to her, if any, reports Al-Rai daily. A group of employees at the Violations Removal Department in Hawalli Governorate Municipality had submitted a formal complaint to concerned authorities, inquiring about the validity of the department head’s claim that the expatriate was appointed in the department by a private company that signed contract with the municipality, and serves as secretary to the head of department. She has access to all documents in an illegitimate manner, and during the coronavirus pandemic, she was found working in a cafe that had been issued a citation by inspectors.

Source- Arab Times.

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