Parents will be allowed to monitor children studying online, say firms.

Telecommunication companies have adopted a fl exible work policy for parents in order to allow them to monitor their children while studying online, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources from the telecommunications sector. Sources disclosed these companies took such step as the new school year is about to begin through the online education platform.

Sources said these parents will be allowed to work remotely in accordance with the conditions and regulations. Sources said the conditions set by the companies include allowing the parents to work remotely provided their jobs can be done remotely and in a way which does not affect the quality of work, the age of their children should range from two to 10 years old, approval of the direct manager and head of the sector, proof that their children are enrolled in the first semester of academic year 2020/2021, confirmation of the academic schedule, and a document from the employer of the husband or wife stating that the parent is currently reporting for work at the workplace.

Sources explained this move is in line with the decision of the Ministry of Education to continue the academic year through distance education; which could be difficult for the children and their parents, especially the working parents.

Source- Arab Times.

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