Customs launches automatic link with Traffic.

Director General of the General Administration of Customs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, stated the General Administration of Customs has developed strategies to enhance the use of technology in customs transactions, within the customs sectors or with government agencies and institutions, as well as private sector, while the General Administration of Customs has approved the stages of commitment to the new technologies focusing on continuous training aimed at improving performance and developing work mechanisms to achieve better results in various sectors, reports Al-Anba daily.

In this context, a directive has been issued to implement a set of updates to achieve the objectives of the General Administration of Customs for speed and accuracy in the movement of passengers and vehicles through the border outlets via a set of developments and updates that contribute to facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles. The updates included the launch of a system that entails an automatic link with the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Traffic Department.

The system allows the General Administration of Customs, through its current systems, to provide innovative solutions in the application of control policies and regulations related to the movement of vehicles through border crossings by automatically obtaining information on Kuwaiti vehicles and full data of their owners through secure channels and integrated connection with the Central Agency for Information Technology network. This supports the completion of all procedures and applications electronically with accuracy and ease, while the General Administration of Customs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Traffic Department, seeks to attain continuous success of initiatives and continuous work to improve the system with effectiveness.

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations, Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh, announced activating the electronic link between the General Traffic Department and General Customs Department. The link is to preserve the ownership rights of people and prevent them from leaving the company with others without obtaining a power of attorney, and also supports the traffic security side to identify the user of the vehicle coming from abroad in the event of a crime, as well as the traffic side in terms of recording traffic violations in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for the previous owner of the vehicle in the event of transferring ownership between people. This cooperation comes through the electronic link to enhance the security aspect through the border outlets for travelers and their vehicles.

For his part, Head of Mechanization and Security Systems Team at the General Administration of Customs, Talal Al-Eidan, said the project constitutes a new addition within the administration’s plans to employ modern technologies. The projects have received great attention from the Director General of Customs and Project Management with continuous follow-up of all steps taken to achieve the desired integration.

In light of these policies, the project management has taken serious steps in adopting multiple technologies in customs sectors, and the project with the General Traffic Department has been implemented based on integrated technical mechanisms.

He extended thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Interior, represented by the technical team and the General Traffic Department, for its cooperation and effective participation in activating the link, leading to rapid development of the integration system to serve customs operations.

Source- Arab Times.

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