Focus on jobs for Kuwaitis in banking sector.

Reducing dependence on companies specialized in providing labor

In its recent meeting with local banks, the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) stressed the need to focus on national workforce in the banking sector, localize jobs, and increase the presence of nationals at various job levels in the sector.

In a press statement, CBK revealed that its meeting with local banks is within the framework of its keenness to develop job opportunities in the sector for nationals; confirming the presence of the executive heads and general directors for human resources in local banks in the meeting.

CBK said they discussed ways to develop job opportunities for nationals in the banking sector, such that this sector will have the largest number of national workers in the private sector, reports Al-Anba daily. It disclosed this will be done by increasing the nationalization rates in the banking sector, while enhancing the presence of nationals in higher positions.

CBK added they talked about the localization rates achieved by local banks — more than the rates specified by the law and the decisions issued in this regard, while stressing the need to remain committed to the implementation of such law and decisions.

During the meeting, CBK pointed out the necessity of qualifying and training national workers to take over administrative jobs; in addition to opening the way for all groups and specialties needed by the sector and reducing dependence on companies specialized in providing labor to meet the need within the sector in the narrowest limit.

CBK also highlighted the national and social responsibilities of the banking sector in maintaining social security and supporting the government’s efforts to provide job opportunities for nationals, and for the banking sector to be a pioneer in the field in order to serve as an example for other economic sectors.

Source- Arab Times.

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