Bid to allow moms to monitor their children during e-classes.

‘Exempt mothers from reporting to work’

MP Khalil Al-Saleh submitted a proposal to exempt mothers, whose children are in the elementary stage, from reporting for work. The lawmaker explained his proposal is aimed at allowing these mothers to monitor their children during online classes.

In another development, MPs Muhammad Al-Dallal and Osama Al-Shaheen submitted a bill on the establishment of Kuwait National Archives Center. According to the bill, the center will be headed by a minister and its board of directors will be designated by the Cabinet.

The center’s tasks include collecting, classifying and supervising documents and the national archives; in addition to collecting verbal archives and utilizing them properly.

The center will also conduct researches on document handling, support researchers, and organize symposiums, workshops and training courses in repairing and preserving documents and manuscripts. The center will follow up documents in the custody of different public institutions and provide consultancy services to these institutions as per their request.

Source- Arab Times.

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