127,000 expats will not return back to Kuwait.

The number of expired residences of expats who are stranded outside Kuwait have risen to 127,000. This is due to either they have failed to renew their residence or some sponsors have deliberately not renewed them, this includes some sectors in government agencies which includes the Ministry of Education.

MOE had earlier informed teachers who wish to travel to Kuwait can return at any time but with the list of banned countries announced in August the situation changed.

Despite the Ministry of Interior’s appeal to expats who are stranded abroad to expedite the renewal of their residency (online) and provide them with facilities, yet many of them did not take advantage of this decision which was taken into account from humanitarian aspects. During this time number of expats who had valid residence was 500,000

The Minister of Interiors decision to extend all types of visit visas and residency to those in the country for a period of three months from September 1 to November 30, does not include those whose residency has expired from the first of this month.

There are many expatriates whose residency expired after September 1 and they have not renewed their residence relying on the exemption decision, this is wrong because the decision does not apply to them, they will have to pay fines. If they are caught then they will be arrested and deported and will not be allowed to return back to Kuwait.

Source- Arab Times.

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