Plans to replace expat teachers with Kuwaiti graduates.

According to reliable sources, the new Kuwaitization plan drawn up by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) includes the replacement of expatriate teachers working in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs with Kuwaiti graduates from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies and College of Arts (History Department), reports Al-Anba daily.

In an exclusive statement to the daily, the sources explained that the two ministries – Education and Awqaf – have been asked to enroll the graduates from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies in an educational course which will qualify them to work as teachers. This is aimed to render the appointment of Islamic education majors to include graduates from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies along with the graduates from the colleges of Education and Basic Education.

However, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Studies has not yet addressed CSC of its need for graduates from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies. On the other hand, the Ministry of Education will inform CSC about the number of incoming teachers in the fields of Islamic education and history, as well as for employees to take up religious counseling positions in line with implementing the Kuwaitization plan.

The sources revealed that CSC recently adopted rapid nomination procedures, which are done in conjunction with the arrival of need estimates from the various government agencies that fall under its umbrella, provided that the nomination takes place at the same time even if the numbers are less than ten graduates.

They said CSC has affirmed that no nomination process will take place without communication from the government agencies, indicating that the registration continues for those wishing to work in the government sector, and the door will be opened again on October 16.

The sources concluded by saying, “CSC has addressed Kuwait University with the specializations in which there is a surplus that exceeds the needs of the ministries, including the specialization of Islamic law. This is aimed to reduce the number of admissions. It also called for reducing the number of admissions in the departments of history, psychology and philosophy. We hope coordination will continue in order to agree on meeting the public interest and the interest of graduates.”

Source- Arab Times.

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