Kuwaiti woman affirms she contracted COVID-19 twice.

In light of the conflicting statements about the possibility of a second round of COVID-19 infection for those who were previously infected, a Kuwaiti woman affirmed that she contracted COVID-19 infection twice, reports Al-Nahar daily.

In a post on her Twitter account, Lawyer Sana Al-Shammari inquired about the extent to which the symptoms of the COVID-19 infection could persist for more than three months.

She denounced the impossibility of recurring infection under the claim that a patient can acquire immunity against the virus, as it was proven that she was infected for the second time more than two and a half months after the first infection in June.

Lawyer Al-Shammari asked the Minister of Health about the possibility of renewed infection with the virus or the re-emergence of its symptoms in the infected person for several months, after confirming that she did not get back her sense of taste and smell after losing it from the date of her first COVID-19 test on June 28.

Source- Arab Times.

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