Conditions confusing on ‘holidays’.

The Ministry of Health allows doctors, technicians and administrative staff to go on a 14-day special official leave, as specified by the undersecretary of the ministry in a decision issued last July. However, this matter has placed many technical, medical and administrative staff in a situation of reluctance to enjoy it, due to the limitation of the leave to certain days and the deprivation of some in enjoying the surplus of their balance, in addition to their subjection to isolation after their return, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to informed sources, the ministry does not mind if the employee, while abroad, is exposed to circumstances that prevent his return. The employee can extend his leave by addressing his workplace and requesting for an extension from his own balance for a maximum of one month. However, for those without leave balance, the law related to unpaid leave will be applied to them.

The sources said the ministry may, at the present time, limit home isolation for returning doctors to one week instead of two weeks so that they can be made useful in the ministry’s facilities after returning to work at full capacity when all clinics and medical departments are opened.

Source- Arab Times.

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