PAM urges private sector companies to deposit Kuwaiti workers salary in banks.

Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has linked the disbursement of additional financial support for the national personnel in private sector with their companies amid the commitment of those companies to transfer the employees’ dues into their accounts within 7 days; thus until the middle of this month.

A total of 4,530 companies benefit from this support, and the sum spent on additional support for Chapter Three over the past three months is approximately KD 75 million, according to what was revealed by Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, the spokesperson of the authority, Aseel Al-Mazyad , reports Al-Qabas daily. He further indicated the authority Monday called on companies benefiting from the disbursement of additional support for the national manpower to abide by the decisions of government and deposit employees’ dues into their bank accounts before the 15th of this month, indicating it will stop disbursing support for the month of September, and consider what was disbursed to the companies for June, July and August debts in the event of non-compliance with the decisions and the deposit of salaries in the registered accounts no later than mid-September.

Aseel Al- Mazeedi.

She pointed to serious coordination between the manpower authority, banks and financial institutions to ensure the requirements adhere to the additional financial support for national personnel, provided that the fourth batch of support is completed for the month of September as soon as the previous payments for national personnel are confirmed by the middle of the current month, while companies that fail to abide will be suspended.

Al-Mazyad explained that “last week, the authority deposited the additional support for three months with the aim of preserving the gains of the national personnel in private sector to enhance their job security in return for commitment of those companies to pay their salaries in full and not to lay them off until June 2021.”

Meanwhile , Deputy Director for National Labor Sector Affairs at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Sultan Al-Shaalani has unveiled a plan to separate the files of workers in businesses operating in cooperative societies from the main file of the cooperatives, reports Al-Jarida daily. Speaking to the daily, Al- Shaalani disclosed a meeting was held recently at the headquarters of the sector in the presence of representatives of the concerned institutions to discuss the separation mechanism. He affirmed all those present at the meeting welcomed the idea and had no objection to completing the separation process. He added another meeting was held Wednesday at the Ministry of Social Affairs, during which they tackled the mechanism for the separation of files and the need to lay down a vision for the necessary operational procedures.

Source- Arab Times.

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