‘Traffic congestion in the Free Zone heralds disaster’.

It seems that the issue of traffic congestion in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has resurfaced, despite the newly planned roads and bridges in the surrounding area, which became almost empty after a large number of investors left, reports Al-Anba daily. A large number of merchants and importers expressed dissatisfaction about the traffic congestion at the entrance to the free zone, especially the part dedicated to loading and unloading goods, as this bottleneck is witness to long lines of trucks, as well as small and medium cars that line the side of the roads waiting to enter or exit the unloading areas, thereby causing congestion on a daily basis.

Traders and importers have warned of a catastrophe, especially as the congested area is filled with trucks and containers loaded with many different materials that arrive in Kuwait via Shuwaikh Port, which are currently accumulating inside and outside the port in difficult weather conditions.

In this regard, merchants have appealed to concerned authorities in the state headed by Kuwait Ports Authority, the General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Public Works to exert concerted efforts in finding a quick and urgent solution to the crisis before anything untoward happens. A number of traders and importers emphasized the negative effects traffic congestion may have on the movement of trucks loaded with containers and commercial materials of various kinds, indicating they may threaten economic growth and negatively affect the morale of investors. They called on concerned authorities to develop comprehensive and radical solutions to eliminate traffic bottlenecks and ensure smooth movement of trucks.

Source- Arab times.