MoE notifies dates of interviews for those who applied for work.

Number of applicants in Administrative Sector reaches 320

The Ministry of Education has started to notify those who applied for work in the academic field about the dates of their interview, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a source from the educational sector. The source disclosed that acting Undersecretary of the ministry Faisal Al-Maqsid has formed candidate interview committees, which are in charge of those who applied for teaching positions in the three educational stages and kindergartens for academic year 2020-2021.

The source said these committees are under the leadership of the assistant undersecretary for Public Education Affairs and the supervision of supervisors in the Coordination Department, which manages the interviews and notifies the candidates about the date of their interview. The source went on to say that these committees are headed by the general supervisor in the ministry, with some technical supervisors as members.

The source pointed out that scheduling interviews for candidates is a positive step in terms of preparing for the next academic year, as well as cutting the way for skeptics who keep on doubting the ministry’s intentions and direction in contracting with the children of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis and Bedouns.

The source emphasized that the ministry has been seeking for years to meet its academic manpower needs through local recruitment; but its need for staff with rare specializations like Mathematics, Physics and Physical Education (female) compels it to form external contracting committees. The source said the number of applicants for different posts in the Administrative Sector has reached 320 so far and 280 of them were referred to the Coordination Department for their interview schedule. After the interview, the applicants will complete other procedures like medical examination and fingerprinting to pave way for their appointment to various educational districts.

The educational files of 40 teachers are being evaluated and they will be referred to the concerned department after completing the procedures, the source added. The source considers the number of local applicants “very good”, especially after the Civil Service Commission (CSC) issued a decision to stop contracting with expatriate teachers whose qualifications do not match those stated in their work permits. The shortage of teachers continues, but this can be remedied through the redistribution of teachers – external and internal transfers, the source explained.

Source- Arab Times.

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