Japanese medicine for treating COVID-19 succeeds in Kuwait

The use of the Japanese drug “Avigan” for treating patients suffering from COVID-19 infection in Kuwait has been showing positive and encouraging results in more than ten days of use, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources from the health sector.

They explained that the medicine is administered in the form of a pill. It contributes to early exit of the infected victims from the hospital. It can also be taken when the first symptoms of infection with the virus appear.

It is mainly used on patients with moderate and light symptoms and not on seriously-ill patients in the intensive care units.

So far, this medicine has been used on approximately 20 patients in Jaber Hospital and the field hospital in Mishref. It has also been proven very effective with the elderly patients.

However, the patient must sign a declaration of consent for the medical staff to administer the medicine, based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

The sources indicated that the rate of recovery will increase in the coming period, adding that there are currently requests from other hospitals that contain COVID-19 wards for this medicine.

They revealed that those who feel shortness in breath and require oxygen are recommended to be given this medicine.

The sources affirmed that the use of Avigan by the Ministry of Health came in accordance with the guidelines for its use provided by Japan and based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

They highlighted that the majority of patients who were given this medicine tested negative for COVID-19 virus within five days of treatment, instead of the usual ten days with the use of other medications.

The sources said, “The first therapeutic indications for this drug reveal that it prevents the reproduction of the coronavirus in the patient’s body, as it depends on inhibiting the viral reproduction”.

They stressed that the ministry is monitoring the latest developments in the treatment and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, which are currently undergoing clinical trials and will then be officially approved by international organizations with jurisdiction.

Citizen recounts his experience

A Kuwaiti citizen in his 70s revealed that he was chosen by the medical team to try the approved Japanese vaccine, and he agreed to it because he was suffering severely from the annoying symptoms of COVID-19, affirming that his condition improved a lot after days of taking the drug.

He said, “Yesterday I took the last dose of Avigan and today (Wednesday) I will undergo a swab test. They will see the developments of the virus, but I feel well”.

The first shipment

The ministry recently received the first shipment of the Japanese drug Avigan following the positive results in clinical trials conducted by many countries on the mild and moderate cases of COVID-19.

Upon receiving the medicine, Assistant Undersecretary for Medicines and Medical Equipment at the Ministry of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Bader said, “The first shipment of the medicine has been considered to be part of items designated for emergency response and humanitarian purposes and does not carry a commercial value, as decided by the Japanese government”.

Source- Arab Times.

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