MEW refers senior official, five ‘supervisors’ to probe

In a move similar to the one taken by the Minister of Public Works few months ago to refer some employees and officials for investigations on the impact of disruption of some new housing projects since delays represented a dominant feature in the ministry’s projects, the Minister of Electricity and Water Eng. Khaled Al-Fadhel recently referred a former assistant undersecretary and five officials in supervisory positions to the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority, reports Al-Shahid daily.

Also, the investigation committee of the parliament called on the Public Funds Committee and the Minister of Oil to refer the former CEO of the Kuwait International Petroleum Corporation for investigations on accusations of misappropriation of public funds through 80 violations related to appointments, finance and administration.

The most notable figure to be referred for investigation in this regard is the vice chairperson of projects and CEO of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company. However, no one has been able to refer the oil tycoons to prosecution or investigate their association with interests with current leaders.

Source : Arab Times

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