Collapse of air transportation seen if quarantine continues.

Public refrain from travel: official

Former member of the Arab Air Transportation Committee (ITF) Yasser Jumah Al- Hai warned in a statement against the continuation of the 14-day home quarantine condition for travelers, as it will lead to an economic disaster and collapse of the air transportation sector, reports Al- Anba daily.

He indicated that the wheel of the Kuwaiti economy is almost paralyzed due to the absence of a major component of its recovery. Al-Hai stressed that it is unacceptable to request a PCR test, and then undergo another test inside Kuwait and impose a 14-day quarantine, as this procedure has led many to refrain from traveling, and disrupts interests.

He elaborated further by saying this procedure disrupts the work of the employees in both the public and private sectors, and in turn disrupts the interests of their clients because the employees are under quarantine and obligated to sit at home. It is assumed that the PCR test will be accepted and re-conducted after a week to ensure the result without the need for strict measures that are pointless.

Al-Hai highlighted that Kuwait has banned more than 30 countries including those with large number of workers in the country, adding that, “In the event of the continuation of the ban, the series of losses will continue and we will not be able to predict what will happen if things get out of control as we may not be able to control the situation then”. He concluded by insisting that the government should review procedures, ensure a PCR test can be conducted at the airport, ease the restrictions, and revitalize the transportation sector.

Source- arab Times.

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