Kuwait revives economy of neighboring countries with its stringent policy on incoming passengers.

The countries which dealt with their incoming passengers with greater flexibility and openness to the Corona crisis have opened their doors wide open to expats from countries which are currently restricted to Kuwait. Strict policy in dealing with 32 restricted countries and home quarantine of 14 days on arrival to Kuwait has squandered its opportunities to revitalize sectors it badly needed to stimulate.

Some countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Turkey, Lebanon and Tunisia have adopted preventive measures that are less stringent than the mandatory quarantine for returning expats. Even European countries have adopted procedures to rely mainly on health examinations, the most important of which is PCR analysis.

The Federation of Tourism and Travel Agencies stated that the Kuwaiti economy is currently suffering from lost operational opportunities in all sectors due to the strict measures that have gone beyond precautionary phase of the virus to taking decisions that has hindered normal life due to their obsession of corona crisis.

The decision to ban passengers flying from 32 countries directly and allowing them to spend 14 days in non banned countries have only revitalized tourism sectors of 7 Gulf and European cities. Hotels, restaurants, airlines from those countries have benefited a lot, while Kuwait did not benefit from this even one fils.

The Union indicated that the mandatory quarantine of passengers constitutes an obstacle to thousands of Kuwaitis and expats who wish to travel reports Al Rai. Travel to Kuwait in current conditions is a burden for them, in addition to the absence of direct flights to highly operating destinations, noting that more than 30 countries do not require travelers to them.

When Kuwait decided to open airport there was expectation in all business sectors rose, but closing of airspace for 31 countries flying directly caused heavy losses for many business sectors and it continues to grow with many expats loosing jobs and residence getting expired.

Source- Arab Times.

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