35,000 Indians leaving Kuwait in two weeks.

Indian nationals from Kuwait continue to leave the country to return to their homeland. Second phase was launched yesterday, which increased its daily quota from 1,000 passengers to 2,500 passengers on approximately 14 flights.

An informed source stated that the civil aviation authorities agreed with Indian counterparts to approve scheduling of 160 flights to carry about 35,000 passengers from the Indian community during the period from 18th to 31 this month, with 12 to 14 flights per day to evacuate about 2,500 passengers.

Al Qabas state that the national carriers heading to India carry 1250 passengers daily, as is the case for Indian carriers that carry 1250 passengers per day, bringing the total departures to about 2,500. Flights depart to various airports in India including Amritsar, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Calicut and Bangalore.

According to the source, Sri Lanka too has requested departure flights for its citizens wishing to return to their homeland, as it will be decided within days of approval for 14 departing flights, and it is expected that the departing flights will start on this 22nd, to carry about 2,500 passengers from the Sri Lankan community either by two trips over a week or on daily basis one trip two continuous weeks.

No feature requests

Regarding new requests by some countries to operate flights for their citizens wishing to leave until now, no country has submitted any request to operate flights for its nationals except for India and Sri Lanka. Philippines receives its citizens from Kuwait through one or two trips per week, but it is in a very limited range and unscheduled flights.

The circular banning the entry of passengers into Kuwait from 31 restricted countries has not seen any changes or addition, the list is expected to continue without change until the end of this month. Although adding or removing any country from the list is entirely based on instructions health authorities that review the decision every 10 days.

14 Days stay in non restricted countries

Since there has been no amendment regarding banning entry to expat passengers of coming from the 31 restricted countries, whether coming directly or by transit through other non-restricted countries unless they stay in those countries for period of 14 days with PCR examination not exceeding 72 hours from the date of taking the sample until arriving in Kuwait.

A source indicated that expats can enter the country easily if they reside in any country that is not prohibited for a period of 14 days, indicating that Dubai and Doha are the main destination for the majority of residents wish to return to Kuwait.

Source- Arab Times.

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