Return to normalcy brings ‘great joy’ to all residents

The return of some activities was an extraordinary joy for customers and shop owners, especially it was a happy feeling to see the public transport buses back on the roads especially since the taxi drivers had raised the fare before the buses started plying, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The daily monitored the gradual return of life and met with a number of bus passengers and drivers all of whom said they were happy with the return of the buses after a long interruption and said they remain fully committed to social distancing and other conditions imposed by the concerned authorities to prevent the spread of the virus which includes wearing face masks.

Buses seen plying on the streets after a break of 4-5 months, due to corona pandemic, as the government allows public transport to operate by maintaining adequate safety measures

One of the bus drivers said he was happy to be back behind the steering wheel after a big lull during which he lost income, while a passenger said the return of buses on the roads spares him the trouble of flagging a taxi which cost a lot of money and dented his savings.

The same attitude was of the vast expatriate community who do not have cars. Ahmed Mohamed explains that the return of the bus is a wonderful step, hoping that life in Kuwait will return to what it was before ‘corona’. He added, particularly it was a blessing to low income earners who have spent much money on other ‘means’ of transport, which almost was illegal but private car owners, he says, made hay while the sun shone on them.

Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed said the public transport buses stoppage created an unusual confusion since when the taxis hit the roads he paid two dinars for each trip to and from work. Bus driver Jamil Al-Sayed says when the buses were pulled off the road to prevent the spread of coronavirus caused him and his family unspeakable suffering.

Mohamed Fathi, says he sees the return of the buses is the beginning of the return to a full normal life because going to work without buses plying on the roads has been very costly. Meanwhile, the daily met Ali Askar (a supervisor of exercise halls) said all those who visit gyms are required to get an earlier appointment and must adhere to all conditions laid down by the government and this includes checking the temperature before entering the gym.

The closure period, which lasted five and a half months, has negatively affected all gymnasiums, especially the large ones that employ enormous workers, hoping that they will be compensated for the last period of closure.

On the other side, Kuwaiti Ahmed Salem said he tried to exercise at home, but “this cannot be compared to the facilities available inside a gym.” In one of the barbershops, Bassem Hassan Al-Houthani said the return of work in salons created a great relief, especially for the elderly and others, as the average person is not able to shave for himself like a barber, while Tamer Muhammad expressed ‘real happiness’ for the return of salons. All in all everyone who spoke to the daily expressed happiness for the return of normalcy, and hoped the pandemic will end soon.

Source : Arab Times

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