No work permit, transfer or renewal of residence for 60 yrs of age and above.

The Public Authority for Manpower stated that the decision to prohibit issuing work visa for those who are 60 and above for holders of high school diploma and lower will not be able to transfer residence nor renew their residence. They will have to leave Kuwait when the decision will come into effect from 2021.

According to official data there are more than 83,000 expats who are above 60 yrs of age with secondary qualifications and below. Also there are 149,000 women who are working in houses and all of them are not above 60 yrs of age. They are not connected to the labor market as they do house work on a freelance basis.

A number of expatriates expressed their fears that this decision would lead to dispersal of their families, many expressed concerns that this decision will lead their parents to leave the country, without taking into account the status of their young children who were linked to their sponsorship of residence.

Number of expatriates stated that this decision will change social, cultural and security dimensions for them, as many believe that the expat community will turn into a community of bachelors when their elderly parents leave the country reports Al Rai TV. The presence of elderly has a social role to play. Contrary to what is currently in Kuwait where old parents have been an important part of family affairs.

This decision comes within the government’s vision to address the imbalances of the demographic composition and its impact on the labor market.

Source- Arab Times.

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