Only one year more to stamp residence for those 60 yrs and above

The wheels of fixing imbalance in demographics have finally begun to roll. In its verbal instruction the Public Authority for Manpower has informed that those who have reached age of 60 and above and who do not hold an university degree will have to prepare to leave the country by end of this year and finish necessary residency procedures in order to leave the country as next year onward there will be no renewal of residence for those 60 and above.

Those who have already stamped their residence for 1 yr will not be able to continue next year unless new instructions are received. This move will modify demographics, settle administrative and supervisory jobs in the private sector, and will also control marginal employment in the country.

As per the statistics there are around 83,562 expats in the country who have reached the age of 60 and do not hold university degree reports Al Qabas. They are divided into 5 categories: The Illiterate who are around 15,847, those who know to read and write are around 24,000, those who have primary education are 10,000, Intermediate school level diploma holders are 16,000 and Secondary level education degrees are 16,000.

Source- Arab Times.

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