Only hire expats with rare specializations

930 vacancies for teachers, researchers

The Ministry of Education needs educational, psychological and social service workers – around 930 job degrees (670 teachers and 260 researchers), while the number of researchers who have applied so far does not exceed 40 psychological and social researchers, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a responsible educational source. While the source confirmed that the Public Education Sector in the ministry is in the process of determining the specializations needed for the next academic year in preparation for the announcement of vacancies in the educational field, he warned about the looming crisis in terms of the shortage of teachers in some scientific specializations.

The source stressed that “there are no jobs for expatriates in the ministry, except in the educational sector and those with rare specializations only.” The source indicated that the ministry is one of the “most committed in implementing the annual replacement policy of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), as the percentage of Kuwaitis in most of the jobs has reached 95 percent.” The source added the only remaining posts for expatriates include the service workers, cleaners and a limited number of jurists, accountants and engineers who are gradually terminated annually.

Source- Arab Times.

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